M3 V04 Application of open-toe stocking

We are doing an application of an open-toe compression garment.

First, we need to ensure that there are no ladders in the stocking. Stockings should be replaced every 4 to 6 months.

What you require is your stocking or compression stocking, a pair of gloves, and an easy slide guide.

To apply your stocking, get the slide guide and push it inside itself so that half of it is pushed in and then bring it over your foot and, if you can, bring it over the heel as well,

Apply your gloves, which help to grip the stocking.

Then when you apply the stocking try to apply it as one piece, try to avoid turning it over as that causes pressure to form around the ankle area.

Then make sure the heel of the stocking is lined up correctly and pull it up towards you. You need to ensure that the heel here is in the right position.

Then grab the end of the slide guide and pull it out.

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