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CD objective

The purpose of this CD is for you to develop understanding of key concepts and practical strategies to successfully treat wounds.

Using this CD


From the Home page, click the Access Learning Modules button at the bottom of the page to begin.

Technical issues

Adobe Flash Player

To view some of the content (i.e. quizzes and movies), you need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Reader

To be able to read and download the PDF files on the Module Resources and Resources pages, you need to have Adobe Reader installed.

Pop-up widows

All quizzes open in pop-up windows. You need to check that your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) allows pop-up windows to open.

  • In Internet Explorer, under ‘Tools > Popup blocker’, select ‘Turn Off Popup Blocker’.
  • In Firefox, under ‘Tools > Options > Content’, untick ‘Block popup windows’.

Using this CD with Firefox

The first time you open this CD-ROM, you may get an Adobe Flash Player Security dialogue box when you navigate away from the home page.

If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. click on ‘Settings’ in the dialogue box

  2. Flash Player Security Alert
  3. This will take you to the website:
  4. In the box on the right of the page, click the middle option ‘Always allow’. This will ensure you no longer receive the dialog box when you use this CD.

  5. Flash Player Security setting management

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