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7C: Management

Typical wound management strategies are outlined in the table below.

Cleanse the wound Wounds should be cleaned with a neutral, non-irritating, non-toxic solution such as clean tap water or normal saline. Cleaning should be undertaken with minimal chemical or mechanical trauma
Debride the wound Debridement is an important step in removing necrotic or devitalised tissue from a wound. However, it is essential that debridement only be done by health professionals with training and experience in the area.

If dry gangrene or eschar is present, debridement should not be undertaken until arterial flow has been re-established.

Moist wound healing environment A moist wound environment is essential to promote wound healing because cells need moisture to be able to migrate across a wound bed. Extreme wetness or dryness may delay healing.
Suitable dressing Dressings should:
  • maintain a moist wound healing environment
  • manage wound exudate and protect the skin surrounding the wound
  • remain in place if possible and minimise shear, friction, skin irritation and pressure
  • be non-adherent to reduce trauma on removal
  • be cost effective, acceptable to the client and be changed less often where possible.

Topical antimicrobial dressings may be beneficial when wounds are infected.

Improve oxygen supply to the wound bed Adequate oxygenation of the wound environment promotes healing and should be encouraged by avoiding dehydration, cold, stress and pain.
Manage pain levels Effective pain management strategies should be implemented to minimise pain during wound dressing procedures.
Ensure proper nutrition It is essential to maintain optimal levels of nutrition.
Promote psychosocial support Psychosocial support improves wound healing outcomes.
Documentation Documentation of your wound assessment is essential to:
  • monitor the progress of healing
  • evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and management strategies
  • guide wound management and prevention plans
  • ensure continuity of care.

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