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7D: Prevention

Finally, it is important to know how to prevent a wound from occurring. Prevention strategies may include the following:

Moist healing environment A moist healing environment promotes cell migration and proliferation. Once a wound has healed, it is essential to moisturise the skin at least twice daily.
Adequate blood supply and oxygenation Ensuring adequate blood supply and oxygenation is important to prevent wounds from occurring or recurring in the future. This can be achieved by encouraging exercise and avoiding extremes of heat and cold.
Nutrition and hydration Ensuring a well balanced diet and encouraging the client to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of fluid per day should help to keep their body in good condition.
Treat underlying conditions Treatment of underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, poor blood supply, anaemia or infection helps to reduce the risk of a wound occurring.
Cessation from smoking Cessation of smoking improves circulation and prevents the risk of a wound developing.
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